Frequently Asked Questions

How can I message someone?

Messaging only happens once an invitation is sent and accepted. This means only honest people serious about meeting in the real world get to message each other. Leave the directionless chat behind, finalize the details of the meet-up and date.

What does the icon heart-icon stands for?

The heart-icon (Heart) is the in-app credit of Invite and Meet.

Hearts can be used to:

Invite Non-Matches;

Join emotions to invites and messages.

How Invite and Meet Works?

Check Chemistry and Shared Interests.
Anonymously “Like” or “Pass” on compatible users nearby and see their intentions from casual to serious. Keep track of your “Matches” and your “My Likes”.

Invite and Get Invited (Invites are valid 24h).
See the places, movies, events, sports or any other activities you share with the people you like, and send or receive invites to meet around those. That way you will only meet people you like while sharing your favorite activities.

Chat Less, Meet More!
Chat with people you’ll actually meet in the real world! Messaging is available only once an invitation is sent and accepted. This means only honest people serious about meeting in the real world get to message each other.

Inviting Non-Matches, the Heart System.

Inviting Non-Matches is reserved to upgraded members and is a unique opportunity to reach out to Anyone You Like even if they haven’t matched with you!

It’s always free to invite a Match, but it cost 1 heart-icon to invite a Non-Match.

Courting Yes, Annoying No!

This marvelous feature is governed by an algorithm which limits the number of Non-Match invites sent to users.

This way it is guaranteed that:

Inviters get their invites noticed.
Invitees don’t suffer from excessive unwanted solicitations.

What are the Premium Features?

Upgrade to receive free Hearts and gain access to the following premium features:

Like or Pass on Unlimited Profiles;

Accidentally Passed on a Profile? Rewind and see that person again;

Change Your Location and interact with people in other locations (go to page “Basic Information” of your profile);

Multimedia Chat, send photos and voice messages to your connections;

Invisible Mode, only the people you’ve liked will see you (turn On/Off at any time in page “Settings”);

Don’t Show Your Age (turn On/Off at any time in page “Basic Information” of your profile);

Invite Non-Matches, invite anyone you like even if they haven’t Matched with you;

Profile, invitations, messages have disappeared about one person?

Maybe that person has deleted his account or has “Deleted” you. Sorry but it happens .

If I delete my account, will my profile still be visible to other users?

No, your profile will not be showed anymore and will also be removed from users’ account you’ve been in contact with.
Alternatively, you can use the feature “Become Invisible” and continue using the app.  In that case, only users you’ve “liked” will see you on page “Home”. Another advantage of the feature “Become Invisible” is that it is reversible anytime.

Will I lose my account if I delete the app?

As long as you don’t delete your account, deleting the app won’t delete your account.

What happen when I “Report” a user?

The user reporting interface include a variety of categories and help us perform a thorough review process. This helps us better understand why users are reported and we may give them the opportunity to correct their behavior before we take more aggressive measures on their accounts. Kicking misbehaving users off Invite and Meet is something we take very seriously.

Can I find again a user I have deleted?

No, deletion is definitive.

Can I register if I’m under 18?

Minimum Age: you must be at least 18 or at least the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction to register for Invite and Meet dating services and use the App. By using the Services, you represent and warrant that you have met this age requirement.

Are you a celebrity, a notable public figure?

Make people know you are for real. Contact us at verified@inviteandmeet.com and we will review your request to authenticate you with a blue tick in the site.

Still have questions?

Email us at support@inviteandmeet.com